Soccerlution are subsidiary of Evolution Sports Group

Evolution Sports Group are Ofsted Registered Provider

We are pleased to announce that we are now a registered Ofsted club and childcare provider.

Benefits of choosing an Ofsted registered club?

 –       Choosing an Ofsted registered club gives you insurance that the club is meeting appropriate standards of care with suitably qualified staff.

–       If you are eligible for working tax credit (WTC), you can reclaim some of the childcare costs for an Ofsted registered club. 

–       If your employer provides childcare vouchers, you can use these to pay for your membership at an Ofsted registered club. 

Ofsted Registration Number is 2631164 

 Can I get help with Childcare through Working Tax Credit?

If you are already getting tax credits, you may be able to get help with your childcare costs through your tax credits.

You can only get help with the costs of childcare provided by an  approved childcare provider.

The Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit is for:

·       Single people who work at least 16 hours a week; or

·       Couples who both work at least 16 hours a week; or 

·       Couples where one works at least 16 hours a week and the other is getting  ESA PIP DLA or  Attendance Allowance; or

·       Couples where one works at least 16 hours a week and the other is entitled to  Carer’s Allowance; or

·       Couples where one works at least 16 hours a week and the other is in hospital or in prison (serving a sentence or remand in custody).

You can get up to 70 per cent of what you pay in childcare, as long as your childcare costs are not more than:

·       £175 per week for one child

·       £300 per week for two or more children.

If your childcare costs more than this, you will be treated as if your childcare costs this amount when working out the Childcare Element of your Working Tax Credit.

If you get childcare vouchers from your employer, you must deduct these from the amount of your childcare costs when claiming the childcare element of tax credits. Some people will be better off claiming tax credits with the childcare element rather than childcare vouchers. You can check this using the  government’s childcare calculator.

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