ESG Membership Policy (Applies to all ESG subsidies, independent Football Club and LYPS)


All members must ensure they stay up to date with monthly or annual payments as part of membership. Evolution Sports Group (ESG) reserve to prevent members from taking part in any events of ESG and its subsidies including matches or training if this is not abided to. Late payment fees of £5 will incur.

 Membership payments including league registration cover pitch hire, administration fees and facility hire, equipment, insurance, coaches’ pay and training. In the event of a member not being able to attend training due to unforeseen circumstances excluding minor illnesses or other sporting/schooling events, ESG will not be able to issue any refunds – credit can be given as an alternative if requested in writing. 

ESG book the facilities, pay for staff and marketing costs in advance and hence in no circumstances will ESG offer refunds on monthly membership payments. All members who purchased the annual membership plan before 16th September 2020 will be entitled to a refund on any month missed, this must be requested in writing to before the end of the month. If a refund is requested after 16th September, any month(s) missed will be credited. 

Any members who purchase and receive any kit from ESG or its subsidies cannot claim a refund for hygiene reasons. Please note: It is not possible to return kit. This does not affect your statutory rights.  

All members must give a two-month notice if they wish to terminate their membership and join another team in the London Youth Premier Showcase or leave the academy. Members can waiver this notice if they pay up their notice period upfront. All early terminations must be made in writing addressed to ESG.

Any members found using discriminatory or offensive language towards another member or staff member of ESG, their membership will be terminated with an immediate effect.

All academy members agree to the terms above.