About Us

The aim of Soccerlution is to give those players who may have “fallen through the net” or may not have been discovered yet an opportunity to access similar coaching and match environments as their peers with professional clubs. We prepare, develop and showcase players to professional clubs. For over 25 years, we have been market leader in player development. The rebirth of IFA which resulted in the launch of Soccerlution will offer states of the art facilities with a network of global specialists to support Talent Identification, Player Development and Management on a global scale. After 25 year, the organisation has grown significantly expanding in over 6 countries and producing over 150 professional football players.

Our History

1995 TO 2020

The Independent Football Academy better known as the I.F.A. started 1995 in London. Founded by Eugene Dwaah, an exceptional youth player who also loved travelling. It was on one of his many trips to Italy that he discovered the difference in approach to youth football development on the continent. Further travel to Spain confirmed this. Eugene became a student of the game, using his networks to educate himself on player development and coaching styles. Upon his return to the UK, he took on the role of Barnet Schools, FA Manager overseeing the football development of young school children in the London Borough of Barnet before returning to his first club Princes Park to manage the new Under 8’s Team. In a 10 year period, Eugene produced over 50 academy players for clubs including West Ham, Chelsea, QPR, Barnet and Crystal Palace. In 2000, Eugene met a man who was to become his mentor Adrian McElligott (Mac) who was a senior scout at Chelsea FC at the time. Eugene stated that he was like a father figure and his footballing hero. in 2002, Mac moved to Fulham as part of Mohamed Al Fayed revolution to Head up Player recruitment and asked Eugene to take on the role of North London Region Scout. Within 5 Years, Eugene had been appointed on a full-time basis to head up Talent Identification and Recruitment as well as development of the London wide Talent Centre programme.