Independent Football Academy

Over 25 years experience in the professional game. Producing over 100 professional footballers since 1995.

About Us

The aim of IFA is to give those players who may have “fallen through the net” or may not have been discovered yet an opportunity to access similar coaching and match environments as their peers with professional clubs. We prepare, develop and showcase players to professional clubs.

Over 25 Years Experience

Soccerlution are subsidiary of Evolution Sports Group

Evolution Sports Group are Ofsted Registered Provider

We are pleased to announce that we are now a registered Ofsted club and childcare provider.

Benefits of choosing an Ofsted registered club?

 –       Choosing an Ofsted registered club gives you insurance that the club is meeting appropriate standards of care with suitably qualified staff.

–       If you are eligible for working tax credit (WTC), you can reclaim some of the childcare costs for an Ofsted registered club. 

–       If your employer provides childcare vouchers, you can use these to pay for your membership at an Ofsted registered club.